Welcome to the site. The goal of this website is to share and pass on knowledge to others, so that we can all continue to grow. The DevOps space, is a very large world, I believe that no one can be the true master, since there will always be something new to learn and utilize everyday. The main problem is, the vast amount of resources that are out there. I aim to cut through the noise with specificity and hopefully give you a helping hand on some of the most challenging problems that I've ran into so far in my DevOps career.

I'm at the beginning stages of creating a library and archive of as much DevOps knowledge as humanly possible. Both for my own knowledge and for others to learn as well. Maybe this could just be your virtual pocket reference, or even an encyclopedia; the only thing that really would matter is the amount of effort that I put in to helping both you and I in the journey to becoming a Master DevOps Engineer. If you're with me... then give me a follow on my twitter and keep reading!