Design Patterns

Design Patterns With familiarity, design patterns are well tested solutions to common problems and issues that we may run into in Software Development. They are essentially "Templates" that are using for a specific issue. For instance, of one object changes and you want other objects to know. Instead of recreating the wheel, you could use […]


Defining and Using interfaces The term interface does not mean, user interface. An interface is created similar to a class, but with no functionality, or no actual code or behaviour. In java, interfaces are written in a specific way. In Java you can begin creating your interface like this: interface Printable { // method signatures […]


Inheritance One of the four key concepts of object-orientation. Inheritance describes an "IS A" Relationship. For instance, can you describe something such as: A car is a vehicle. A bus is a vehicle. Or you could also use other examples like: An employee is a person A customer is a person However, you can’t use […]

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming This is a general understanding of the current courses for Object Oriented Programming. This is by no way meant to be perfect, or 100% accurate. These notes are meant to be a memory store of what I am currently learning – perhaps in the future this will be further improved but the […]